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Complete Digital Business Setup

You need a website, a logo, social media but don't have the skills or the time to get it all set up? Hiring someone to build your website, someone else to create a logo, and another person to talk you through the process can be a time-consuming process and extremely expensive. That's where I come in. At the very beginning of this process, I can provide you with all you need to get you on the road to success. From advice to website building/setup to logo design to product photography. I can help you pinpoint your ideal target market on social media. With multiple startups built and years of experience, I can make your business setup quick, easy and affordable.

I will listen to your business idea and depending on your own specific needs I will help you get from idea to online business. I recently worked with a private chef who wanted to start a new delivery business. We scheduled a consultation in person, (it can be FaceTime or on the phone,) where she gave me an idea of her style in terms of website and logo design. I then built her website, created a logo, provided her with some photographs, created a Facebook Business Page and an Instagram account that link to her site and advised her on the best social media practices that I felt would work best for her particular business. 

blFETE is one example of the many small businesses I have helped set up with the website, Instagram, Facebook, logo, photography, and business email. I will work with you on your project and provide you with the basic tools to help you succeed. 

What I can provide:

  1. Photography
  2. Logo Design
  3. Shopify Store Setup and basic app integration
  4. Square Space Site Setup
  5. InDesign marketing design such as business cards, catalogs, brochures, Facebook covers, marketing composites, and more
  6. Photoshop Photo Editing
  7. Social Media Setup and Management
  8. Unique problem-solving skills
  9. Target Market Research and Analysis 
  10. MailChimp setup and Newsletter design

The Package

This is a two-week package that allows you to have access to me via email and or telephone during standard business hours (EST) to ask questions, discuss ideas, etc. I will build your website, create your logo, set up your Facebook Business Page and Instagram Profile link them to your site and get you through to launch. 


  • Product photography
  • Help with IG hashtags and find the right profiles to follow based on your target market
  • Additional consultation time and maintenance after launch